Ultrazinc 2130

Ultrazinc 2130 is composed of a moisture reactive vehicle and finely divided metallic zinc powder. This class coating is intended to provide a high degree of electrolytic protection similar to galvanizing. Ultrazinc 2130 features fast water insolubility and curing under an extremely wide range of temperature and humidity. It conforms to the Bureau of Ships Specification, MIL-23236, Type I, Class III.

Ultrazinc 2130 may be considered as a protective coating for metal subjected to severe weathering, humidity, fresh and salt water. It is suggested for marine service, off-shore drilling platforms, refineries, steel storage tanks, pulp and paper industry, mining and chemical plants piping and rigid steel structures. The principal use for Ultrazinc 2130 is in areas which require superior corrosion resistance and reliability.

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