Ultrazinc 2105

Ultrazinc 2105 is very sophisticated single component inorganic zinc silicone and silicate ceramic with aluminum paste coating. This coating is intended as primer or self-priming purposes to provide corrosion protection for exposed surfaces at elevated temperatures as well as retard scale, sand and silt build up. Ultrazinc 2105 is specially formulated to have exceptional thermal shock resistance. It exhibits excellent performance against rust formation and rust undercutting -- equal to the two component inorganic zinc primers. Ultrazinc 2105 features ease of application, outstanding adhesion, toughness and is relatively easy to recoat or repair. It is self-priming on most surfaces.

It is recommended as a protective coating for steel mufflers, boiler stacks and shells, exhaust manifolds, furnaces, hot transfer lines and steam generating equipment.

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