Ultramastic 14 EP

ULTRAMASTIC 14 EP is a special modified coaltar epoxy coating catalyzed by a unique polyamide type activator which conforms to the Bureau of Ships Specification Mil-P-23236, type I & II, Class II. It is designed to provide a dry film thickness of up to 12 mils (300 microns) per applied coat. ULTRAMASTIC 14 EP features superior edge covering without sagging, pinholing or mud cracking. Its outstanding adhesion and excellent curing under adverse conditions of low temperature and high humidity. This coating is extremely resistant to salt and fresh water and has excellent resistance to most acids and corrosive chemicals. It is self-priming on most surfaces.

ULTRAMASTIC 14 EP may be considered as protective lining for concrete and steel, storage tank, pipings and processing equipment, handling fresh and salt water, water solutions containing salts, detergents, alkalis and many other chemicals. Ultramastic 14 EP is recommended for buried pipe, sewage plants, refineries, pulp and paper industries, off-shore drilling platforms, marine service, dam gates, mining and chemical plants.

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