Ultracote LD-10

Ultracote LD-10 Primer is a fast drying coatings requiring a minimum down time. It dries to touch in 60 minutes and are formulated with special inhibitive pigments which make it resistant to atmospheric corrosion and rust under cutting. Ultracote LD-10 Primer has no toxic lead fumes if primed surface is welded.

Ultracote LD-10 Primer is ideal on new, slightly rusted, abrasive blasted or previously painted steel. It is use in normal industrial atmosphere, for mild chemical fumes, light marine service and for general weathering. Ultracote LD-10 Primer exhibits excellent protection to farm equipment, road building machinery, plant equipment, pipe racks and expose structural steel, color coding for safety zones, tank exteriors, ladders, steel building and marine structures.

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