Ultracote 835 HB

Ultracote 835 HB Primer contains chemical resistance properties which act as passivating agent in preventing the corrosion of steel. Gives very good protection to all ferrous and galvanized surfaces. Ultracote 835 HB Primer provides excellent resistance to splash, spillage and fumes of caustics, acids, salts and water. When topcoated with the recommended system provides exceptional water impermeability even on immersion service subjected to water pressure. Performs well over non-blasted surfaces. Abrasion resistance and weathering properties are very good.

Ultracote 835 HB Primer is an excellent maintenance coating system for use in all industries including chemical processing, fertilizer plant, smelter plant, pulp and paper, petroleum, marine, off-shore structures, power plant, etc. Generally used for the protection of structural steel, equipment exteriors and concrete. Although sand blasting is recommended, it performs well and is commonly used over power tool or hand cleaned surfaces. Very effective performance on high humidity exposures, such as pulp and paper mills.

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