Ultracote 830

Ultracote 830 is a fast drying mono packed finish coat that contain high gloss and good color retention. It exhibits excellent resistance to mould growth and general chemical attack. It has excellent weathering properties and rigid abrasion resistance. It is resistant and unaffected by ultra violet rays even on prolong period of exposure.

Ultracote 830 is a superior maintenance coating for use in all industries including chemical processing, pulp and paper, railroads, marine, chemical laboratories, offshore structures, etc. It is generally used for the protection of structural steel, equipment exteriors, masonry and concrete surfaces when applied over suitably primed surfaces, such as Ultracote 835 Primer, Ultracote 840 HB Intermediate, Ultramastics or Inorganic Zincs. It has excellent properties in exposure of high humidity, such as pulp mills, fertilizer plants and petrochemical structures.

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