Ultracote 530 F

Ultracote 530 Finish is a densely cross-linked high molecular weight phenolic modified coating catalyzed by a unique activator intended to provide protection for exposed surfaces, immersion services as well as tank lining in severe chemical and physical environments. This coating is extremely hard, tough and abrasion resistant. It has outstanding adhesion and curing under adverse conditions of low temperature and high humidity. Ultracote 530 Finish features high solid properties and excellent edge covering without sagging, pinholing or mud cracking and may be applied up to 5 mils dry film thickness per application coat. It is formulated to be unusually inert and corrosion resistant to fresh and most food grade products as well as many caustics and acids. It is a non-toxic protective lining which conforms to all the regulations under Title 21 CFR 175.30 and 121.2514 Food and Drug Administration for coatings in continuous contact with food and drinking water. It conforms to all the requirements of AWWA Standard D102-78 Section 3.2 Inside Paint System No. 1. It is very resistant to marine and salt-water exposure even on continuous immersion.

Ultracote 530 Finish may be considered as protective lining for steel and concrete storage tanks, piping and processing equipment, handling drinking water and food products. It is recommended for handling agricultural products, like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc. It is also suitable for service in petroleum products such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline, aviation fuels, lubrication materials, greases, motor oils, hydraulic fluids and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is ideal for use on offshore structures, marine vessels, piers and marine pipelines.

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