Ultracote 524 HS

Ultracote 524 HS Primer and Topcoat is a high solid amine cured epoxy tank lining and coating having excellent chemical, thermal shock and abrasion resistance. These class coatings are designed to provide a dry film thickness up to 6 mils per applied coat. It features outstanding adhesion and has excellent edge covering without sagging, pinholing or mud cracking.

It is unusually inert and corrosion resistant to fresh and sea water, most salt solutions, agricultural chemicals and petroleum and petrochemical products as well as caustics and acids. These coatings conform to the requirements of Bureau of Ships Specification MIL-P-23236, Class I and II, Type I. It is suitable for direct food contact and potable water tank surfaces in appropriate colors and conform to American Water Work Association Specification D102-78 Inside Paint System No. 1.

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