Ultracote 406 Primer

Ultracote 406 is an attractive heavy duty, thixotropic epoxy coating primarily intended to provide protection for concrete and metal exposed to corrosive environment whether atmospheric or immersion service. It is designed to provide a dry film thickness of 8-10 mils (200-250 microns) per applied coat. Ultracote 406 HB features superior edge covering without sagging, pinholing or mudcracking. It is formulated to have outstanding adhesion, toughness, abrasion resistance and excellent curing under adverse conditions of low temperature and high humidity. It is self-priming on most surfaces including damp surfaces and tightly rusted steel and old paint. It is an ideal primer coating for most concrete surfaces that provide outstanding performance.

Ultracote 406 is recommended as primer for most concrete and metal surfaces because its superior adhesion properties. It is an ideal coating specially when use in warehouse, factories of various kinds and on shipping vessel decks in combination with aggregates or sand. The special features of Ultracote 406 is its unique protective that it can be used as primer or topcoat at the same time.

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