Ultracote 401 HS

Ultracote 401 HS is an attractive heavy duty, thixotropic epoxy coating primarily intended to provide protection for surfaces exposed to corrosive atmospheric environments that are to receive a lower degree of surface preparation. It is designed to provide a dry film thickness of up to 10 mils per applied coat. Ultracote 401 HS features superior edge covering without sagging, pinholing or mudcracking. It is formulated to have outstanding adhesion, toughness, abrasion resistance and excellent curing under adverse conditions of low temperature and high humidity. It is self-priming on most surfaces including damp or tightly rusted and old paint. It may be used as the complete coating system or in combination with other Ultracote primers and finishes.

Ultracote 401 HS is recommended for use on interior and exterior of storage reservoirs and transmission pipelines, food processing facilities, refineries, off-shore drilling platforms, marine service, sewage plants, rail cars, tank trucks, air conditioning equipment, pulp and paper plants, breweries, mining and chemical industries. The principal use of Ultracote 401 HS is in problem areas, which require greater film thickness for reliable protection but are difficult to coat properly. It is also recommended for protection of floors subjected to severe attack and physical abuse. Used where high abrasion and impact resistance in loading areas is required.

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