Ultracote 282

A high performance, heavy duty coating, unaffected by a broad spectrum of corrosive chemical and solvent exposure. Highly abrasion resistant with high gloss finish. Use in interior and exterior for protection from fumes, dust, splash and spillage. Not generally recommended for conditions of sustained immersions.

It is ideal topcoat for protection of structural steel, concrete and tanks for new construction or maintenance use against corrosive environment and is recommended for chemical and food plant, breweries, paper mills, fertilizer plant, steel plant, power plant, geothermal plant, pharmaceuticals and other industries with corrosive environment. Excellent protection for equipment subject to impact, abrasion, detergents, water, steam and oil. Because of its excellent hardness and abrasion resistant properties, it is recommended for concrete floor coating above and below grade which are subjected to traffic or chemical product splash and spills.

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