Ultracote 6320 HT is a sophisticated silicone base coating that provide protection for exposed surfaces at elevated temperatures as well as retard scale, sand and silt build up. Ultracote 6320 HT is specially formulated to have exceptional thermal shock resistance. Ultracote 6320 HT features ease of application, outstanding adhesion, extreme toughness and is relatively ease to recoat or repair. It is self-priming on most surfaces.

Ultracote 6320 HT is recommended for fire tubes for oil field treatershandling hot crude, brine and waste waters at production site. Ultracote 6320 HT is also recommended as a protective coating for steel mufflers, furnaces, hot transfer lines and steam generating equipment. The principal use of Ultracote 6320 HT is in problem areas, which require an extremely high temperature resistance coating for protection.

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