Epotech 220 IE

Epotech 220 IE is a 100% solids, two component, low-viscous epoxy bonding agent. Epotech 220 IE is specially formulated for repair of structural concrete with hairline or fine cracks by pressure injection. Epotech 220 IE penetrates deeper in the hairline crack to give maximum protection and to improve structural integrity concrete. Epotech 220 IE crack repair epoxy meet or exceed the requirement of ASTM C-881, TYPE I, II III, IV, and V, GRADE I, CLASS B and C.

Epotech 220 IE is recommended for repair of cracks in structural concrete by pressure injection, spalled concrete slabs and as bonding agent for old to new concrete. For sealing concrete pavements or slabs and structures against infusion of water and other liquid chemicals. Epotech 220 IE can be used as adhesive to bind various materials with excellent bonding strength.

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