Bitumastic 360

Bitumastic 360 is a high build bituminous base coating engineered to provide an economic means of combating corrosion of steel surfaces and erosion of concrete structures. It provides protection to steel and concrete surfaces in coastal areas and moderate chemical environment. It has good surface wetting properties and may be applied direct to power wire brush or hand cleaned surfaces. It is self-priming on most surfaces or it may be used in combination with primers. It is also use as water proofing compound for decks, toilets and concrete gutters.

Bitumastic 360 is use on steel, galvanized steel, roofings, concrete and steel pipes above and below ground subject to prolonged exposure in moist and chemical atmospheres. It is recommended for coating tanks, pipes, towers and general structural steelworks. It is also use as rust proofing and rust prevention works on under body of trucks, equipment, etc.

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